Thanks to everyone for all the amazing entries. You still have time. This will close midnight EST (New York time - it seemed appropriate!).

There has been a lot of discussion about whether the show will go forward as we're short of the 45 maps needed for the show. The gallery does want to go forward with it on the strength of the finished pieces they've seen and there are a few local traditional media artists that I've been talking to that will add some supplementary material. Once we've got the final headcount of completed entries we'll fix a number of entries for the show and let the voting begin.

If you've been unable to finish the map in time (it's a huge task to map any city, and particularly this one) then do not despair. We're looking at the possibility of re-running this in the spring/summer with all the entries that make it through this time along with a second batch that people can finish for that. The details of that are currently not fixed, and depend to an extent on how well this one goes, but we don't want those who were beaten by the bell to miss out on the opportunity.