Well I have been lurking for a long time but thought id actually join up now as I have a few things coming out shortly that I thought would be of interest.

I am Redrobes on various sites or the Saracen on the occasion where that moniker has already been used.

I write the mapping and virtual table top application ViewingDale which is a 2D zoom browser for large scale mapping. You can take existing raster maps and import them, set up the scale and then all the other maps and icons will relate to it at correct scale. It uses graphics card hardware acceleration and has infinite zoom capability. So an ant to solar system zoom all in one map.

I also write GeoTerSys which is not released yet but in Beta now. Its a 3D terrain mapping system for auto generating outdoor terrain. Its calculating rivers, vegetation, ice, lava flows, and a whole host of other stuff. If your interested, then check out the movies on its website.

I am also one of the admins for Me-Dem where were trying to build the Middle Earth map at a ridiculous scale, something like 20m res, using a variety of tools including GeoTerSys.

On the ViewingDale web site you can find some free tools and I have already looked over posts requesting this sort of stuff so try them out. I think the Dragon Flight 3D might be interesting to some folk as well as the Instant Islands. Both are quite minimal little apps but might help out here and there.

Well I see a few known faces here already, but greetings (seasonal or otherwise) to everyone !