Hey I am HeadClot aka Benjamin Stanley

I am posting from My local College campus here in Ogden, Utah

If you are wondering why I Call my self Headclot i will give you a short and simple explanation

I get shot in the head allot in Team Fortress 2 and other First person Shooters so that is why I call myself that plus it is funny in FPS games.

Well, I use Adobe Photoshop and Premuim Design Suite CS4 to make maps although I am not that good I am looking to become better. The Version I have is a version that I bought through my school. So it is reltivly cheaper than the Full priced version.

I also have a question Can I use Adobe Products that I have purchased through my school and sell the stuff that I make with the software?

( Maps, Graphics, etc )

If anyone could enlighten me please do