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    I'm writing a book, and I hate hand drawing, so I came here to see how things are done with regards to maps. Unfortunately, I'm not too experienced with GIMP, but I want to create something like this, the map from Oblivion.

    My map doesn't need to be just like this one or as good, but I want it to be, at least, similar. Can anyone help a newbie out? I'm looking forward to the process, although so far all I've experienced are these moments: *closes window, GIMP asks whether or not I want to get rid of the changes in the last hour and half, throws temper tantrum* It's been hard.

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    Hmm yes, the first time I tried GIMP, I had no luck whatsoever.

    Fortunately, there are people here who will be more than happy to give you suggestions if you start trying out maps and post them over in the regional/world mapping forum, and mention what program you are using. Also be sure to check out the tutorial section; there are some really good GIMP tuts in there I think. Also, be patient; it can take quite a while to learn the intricacies of your chosen program (s)

    Anyways, good luck, and Welcome to the guilde!

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    RobA's tut is pretty well the beginner's guide 'round here. Though it's for a color map, all you would have to do at the end is desaturate the color or add a gradient map (the tut explains it) or whatever to make it the same color as your example.

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    It took me a while to get where I could create almost what I envisioned in Gimp. I'm still learning new things in it all the time. There are some great tutorials however that should help you get going in the right direction. Don't give up but it is going to take you some experience with the tool before you can get what you want. At least that was my story. I had never used a digital art program to create anything before I came here and I really sucked at following tutorials. After about 10 steps or so I get bored or seem to wander off track and then I either ended up with a mess or found something completely different.
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    Takes a while to get used to any software...especially software as complicated as Photoshop/Gimp. Then, even when you're familiar with it, there's still an awful lot to learn about how to get your particular project done. Every map I make is a learning experience. Best advice I can give is to go and try as many tutorials as you can stomach (even if they're for Photoshop). Start doing it and you'll be solving your own problems in no time. Welcome to the Guild!

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