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Thread: Campaign Setting Map Request! (may be paid with original music)

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    Post Campaign Setting Map Request! (may be paid with original music)

    Hello! My name is Rafael Langoni Smith, and I'm a composer and game master from Brazil! My RPG group is longing for a grand map of our original campaign setting and, since they are the best players around, I feel compelled to fix it up somehow. So I had this idea: I usually compose for the game, like, original soundtracks for each gaming session (now I have around 3 DVDs filled with campaing specific mp3), so it wouldn't hurt to compose in exchange for the maps would it? I can imagine people around here must have lots of side projects, whether be them leisure or commercial, whatever. I work with it! I have sold music to various games and I'm a student of Composition in UFRJ.

    I propose myself to hand out original music in exchange for a few very artistic maps of our campaign setting. Full registration included, it will be yours to use in whatever you want to, and the way you want it to be.

    How about that? I hope to hear from someone. Please send an email to in case this catches your eye.

    Thank you for your attention, and Brazilian greetings to everybody!

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    Listen! We want to begin in January, do you think it's time enough? We don't need something that'd be very worked upon, a talented 'sketch' with lots of personality would do veeeeery well. Me and my friend here, we liked very much the style in the "Part of Continent of Absalom" and "Northlands" maps, could you something that style for us?

    Please send me an email so that we can discuss that further!!!

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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    Ravs, since both of us are working on this project now, I started a WIP thread here:

    That should make it easier to coordinate so we don't contradict one another.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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