Hello you all! A little fantasy- and gaming-geek coming to join this very interesting-looking site!
I know pretty much nothing about mapping, but am very eager to learn, just having finished my first proper map ever with some help from this site (I've been lurking here for a couple of days). My older hobbies include creative writing and art in general, a pretty good basis for mapping and tabletop roleplaying games, something I thought I would also try to get into. I'm starting up with a dusty, crippled and old Photoshop Elements 2, and plenty of bitterness, since a lot of the tutorials and brushes refuse to work on my silly PS. Despite the resistance I face from technology, I'm riding to victory with the power of a pen and paper!

I hope I can find my place in here, despite perhaps a little lacking in skills compared to most of you here (pretty much all of the maps I've seen here have been jaw-droppingly awesome).