Hi guys.
A while back - I used to be active here as "PlanetDesigner". I have since changed my email address - and my handle. ANYWAY - The Terraformer package for Fractal Terrains Pro has been VASTLY upgraded from release 0.001 - to release 0.50. It is available for download on your registration pages at profantasy.com - provided that you have registered your copy of Fractal Terrains Pro. Here are the features of this new release:

201 Lighting And Color Files,
200 Cloud Maps,
100 Cloud Color Images,
246 Image Climates,
22 Compass Roses,
10 Cartouches,
PDF User's Manual (a lot better looking),
Promo Images Folder (.png images)
3 fonts...

I would've liked to have posted the zip as an attatchment to this thread - but the zip is 604 MB.