I've wanted for the longest time to break out of PS4 and see what I could do with other tools, especially 3d. I've doodled with Bryce a number of times over the past ten years or so, but I can't get a handle on the workflow and I always wind up getting frustrated after a few hours and deciding to forget about it.

I doodled a bit with Sketchup a year ago, but without a project to put it to, I quickly got bored and moved on. I decided to dust it off again for this project. Castles beg for 3d software. I thought it would make the job trivial compared to the effort I invested in a project like Siete Torres.

Heh. I was stupid.

You can do some amazing thing with 3d software, but saving time isn't one of them. Having just finished the basic shape and top detail of the main towers, I'm already ten hours in. Of course some of that is learning time.

Here are some detail shots of the tower top. The lower parts will be less fanciful of course.

### Latest WIP ###
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