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Thread: The Town of Vreba-Haj for LA FRPG

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    Post The Town of Vreba-Haj for LA FRPG

    Hello All
    This is my first post. I thought my stuff was looking good untill I got a look around at what is accomplished by some of you good fellows.
    I have been posting this map from startish to finish over at and thay said to sign up here

    this is a map for an advenrture I am writting for Lejendary Adventures

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    Looks great. Thanks for posting. I like the layout, although the texture is a bit too much for my tastes. Still, a very, very nice map!

    Oh, and welcome to the Guild--we're glad to have you. You obviously have some skills!!!!! If you want, we'd love to formally say hi to you; post a greeting over at the Member Introduction thread.
    My gallery is here
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    DarkWolfStudio - Nice map. Very pleasant on the eyes.

    I have one comment, and it applies to SO MANY maps of fantasy towns out there--yours is definitely not alone. My comment is this: Building thick stone walls around towns was incredibly expensive, time consuming work. Because of that, it typically wasn't worth it to build a wall unless the population was large enough. Conversely, when a wall was built, it would have as many buildings crammed into it as possible, and there would be few wide open spaces.

    If the wall was built by a lord or some nobleman who had purposes other than defending the common good of a town's inhabitants, then the above comment isn't as applicable.

    Obviously, this completely goes out the window if magic was involved in the wall's construction.

    Regardless of my comment, I still think it is a good looking map.

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    I agree with you Cartographist- this town is built upon an ancient Fortress and maintained by a Guild of Geourgists- (Elementalist and "Golem Makers"
    It is being designed specifically with those issues in mind- it is also on an Island in a River similar to our real world Danube River- the free standing water in the town is also under the purview of the guild

    I try to be very careful to plan out the whys and wherefores- Analy so- Now my logic can be flawed- from ignorance or wrong thinking but I do have a method to my madness.

    You are very right regarding the costs of these walls and the men it would require to man them

    Oh- the town is in a Swampy area- A great Fen known to be a place where portals to other places and dimension also cough up troubles now and again....

    the above UNFINISHED MAPS will atleast place the town in a better context

    Thank you for your comments - it is always good to get that criticism- so that I can correct wrong thinking and ignorance --- ( Umm - sometimes posts sound harsh or arrogant- I am being neither I am very grateful


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    This stuff looks really great. Are you using the hexes just for travel, or also war game stuff to?

    It looks really awesome. The first map reminds me a lot of Close Combat, the PC game. Which is a compliment. As its one of my favorite games.

    Keep up the awesome work.

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