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Thread: Gensokyo Revisited

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    Wip Gensokyo Revisited

    I did the original of this at the request of a friend of mine quite a while back and the end result was fairly satisfactory. I've since looked at it and thought "I can do much better" and as a break from drawing New York and some other maps for my L5R game and my personal fantasy world, I thought I'd see what I can do with it now.

    So far, I've only done all the linework but in Sketchbook this time instead of Photoshop. I've also done it all at a higher resolution and size. The overally result should be a bigger map with much cleaner lines! The lines are much cleaner so far anyway. I've changed many things from the original and tried to add more details to make it more fun.

    Now I'm on to the colouring part which I think will prove more difficult. I want to try and have an early sunset type of colour scheme so I'm going to need to carefully consider my palette I think. I also want to avoid it looking flat and solid, I want a sorta dreamy quality for the colours.

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    the style of the Manor House? in the middle dosent fit. Very English looking. Waiting for more.

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    Oh, I should add this isn't my "world", it's another universe belonging to a game series. The english looking manor in the middle doesn't fit aesthetically, but it's there in the middle anyway canonically.

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    Lovely linework. Looking forward to seeing this coloured.
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    This looks like a really great start, Larb!

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    Nicely done...
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    I finished this a little while back, took me a while to do things like the forests. I am way happier with it than my old version and I learned a lot of things while doing it. A few friends of mine were very happy with it.

    The uploaded image is slightly smaller than the original because it's so big. Glad it seems to scale ok! Now on to more digital painting practice before I do my next one!
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    This is fantastic stuff, dude. Saved for my inspiration folder and have some rep.
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    WOW !! incredible ..
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    I love your color choices. The purples and greens really flow well together. It gives me a calming sensation just looking at it. Thanks for sharing this with us Only thing i would add is a darker shadow that fades up to the edge of the forests to give them more depth.
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