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Thread: Hail and well met from Dark Wolf Studio's aka Wulfgarn

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    Post Hail and well met from Dark Wolf Studio's aka Wulfgarn


    I am a freelance illustrator and author working predominately in the RPG feild. I have always loved maps and have recently been putting my intrest into Photoshop and comming up with some okay maps.

    I hope you enjoy them - I am really hoping to learn alot here and perhaps earn a few commissions as am always for hire.

    I frequent most forums under the name Wulfgarn or Hamnar of Stridd

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    Welcome to the group!
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    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing your stuff!
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    Welcome to the wolf! Looking forward to exchanging information on creating ever better maps! Is your illustration solely maps or do you draw other stuff as well?

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    Welcome to the guild. Always good to have new members.

    Can you post some links to some of your work? I'm interested in seeing your work.

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    Thank you for your intrest

    I do all kinds of illustration - but the main body of my work to date has been black and white illustrations.

    I do not have a website but I will be posting a few images here and once I get a site up and running I will be happy to post a link for it here.

    I am currently working on a series of Adventures for Lejendary Adventures (Gary Gygax)
    and those are the maps Ill be posting.

    the above is still a work in progress- it is not all detailed and labeled

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    Some of this stuff goes back a few years

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    Welcome, Wulfgarn! I imagine it's a great thrill to be working with Gary Gygax!
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    Wow great stuff!!!

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    I love the black and white spider. Beautiful work, darkwolf.

    Did you use photoshop to make the map? I love the little pillow emboss around the edges of the waterways. What looks a little strange to me (although there may be a 'game' reason for it) is that all the buildings are point either NS or EW. The colour choices in the map really work for me.

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