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Thread: November Challenge: Dwarven Keep

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    Default November Challenge: Dwarven Keep

    I'm really going to do this one. I haven't successfully competed in a challenge since that one over a year ago.
    This is the dwarven keep I started a while ago, but had not gone too far into it.

    I brushed it off and ripped out all the stuff I had done so far. Gave it some scale, and built all new interiors.
    Right now it is in the Illustrator phase, once I have it where I want it I'll take it into PS and start with the texturing on the floor and stairs.

    ### Latest WIP ###
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    That looks nice and the layout is interesting. It'll be great to see it textured. Remember not to have your workshops too close to the sleeping quarters though, it disturbs them when they're trying to sleep and might drive them mad! =P

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    yep... and if there's one thing you don't want - its mad dwarves

    look really good, nice structure - very dwarven
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    Here is the ground floor. Added some texture, Did not get very far, as I looked at the whole structure in PS I realized that the grid was off, and that everything was just a bit screwy. So I set up a new grid, and fixed everything... that took all morning.
    Now that I have the floors and walls in place I'm going to throw in all the furnishings for this floor, then move on to the next floor.
    ### Latest WIP ###
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    I was really hoping to have more time to add more detail but for now this is the best I can do.
    In retorspect I would have loved to make something a bit more outlandish, exciting, unique... something worth looking at and studying.. maybe next time.

    ### Latest WIP ###
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    I love it! The mixture of floorplans, 3D models and the landscape-maps(?) in the background is genius

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    Excellent presentation. Something we can all learn from I think. Even if it's not all you wanted to do with it, it does look fantastic.
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    Well, if there's a pentacle, of course there's going to be demons! I think "IR" on the second to last line of text should be "IT".

    It's a very nice design with the different views combined well. I could easily see this as the back cover of a professionally published game supplement.

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    Looks great... ummm.. how does one get into the bottom right battlement on the floor level?
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    you can't it's an escape tunnel for the nobles from the 2nd floor. It leads into the tunnels beneath the keep.

    Thanks for the comments guys.
    I'll fix the typo in a bit.

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