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Thread: Planning New Gaming System - What's The Best Dice?

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    Default Planning New Gaming System - What's The Best Dice?

    Ok guy's - here's the deal...
    I've had this idea to start my own RPG / Wargaming system floating around in the back of my dented, fat skull for ages, and i've been just toying with the idea off and on - ok - granted. I want to devise a relatively simple game mechanics parlay of unit attributes like Hit points 1 (defensive), Hit Points 2 (to cause damage / attacking), and for modifiers - speed rating (to attack / defend), current health or unit integrity, intelligence, whatever... Anyway - Even though I find all of the different shapes of game dice really cool and pretty and junk, would a simple, run of the mill, Milton Bradley grade "d6" be good to run with - or should I go with something more exotic and a lot less "hum drum" to look at? Inquiring minds wanna know. Also - give me some things you might like to see in a new game system - or at least a system that's simple , yet that you can really build on - and that can be very descriptive. I know that a "d6" is the most statistically unbiased (fair) die type, but it's a little "snoozy" for my taste.

    I've got a thousand ideas swimming around in my head for game back stories, modules, you name it. It would be really nice if I could even start a rennescance of the old Pencil and Paper type stuff. Then again - maybe I'm a dreamer. Lol.

    P.S. - I have never played D&D - or Advanced D&D - but I use to be nuts for collecting books, Dice, Modules, Maps, Figurines, and other game materials - All original TSR - and the hardbound manuals made for awsome rainy day reading. Used to even have the World Of Greyhawk TSR Boxed Edition - and a hardbound copy of the original D&D Players Manual (The "Sky Blue" colored book / the OLD one!).
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