Hello folks, I stumbled across these forums today and I gotta say Iím overwhelmed by the amount of fantastic work here.

I was hoping to get some feedback or maybe advice on a project Iím a part of called ďDawn of VictoryĒ, itís a total conversion mod for the RTS game Sins of a Solar Empire.

When we first started working on the project we didnít put too much time into creating a detailed backstory or universe, but as time went by we starting filling in some details, eventually creating a wiki where fans of the mod could help contribute to the backstory and be part of a collaborative sci-fi universe.

As it turns out, the wiki is in some ways more popular than the mod and is up to over 500 articles and inspired some artwork and short stories. I ended up designing a map detailing the universe behind the mod, but I think it suffered somewhat from my lack of photoshop experience. Iíve updated it over the years as my experience grew and I feel comfortable enough now doing a major redesign.
Hereís the latest revision of the map: (my apologies, itís very large so Iíve divided it into 9 different sections).

I think my main problem I have with it right now is the square shape I used, I donít think the shapes of the various nations ended up being very interesting (there all more or less squares). I also think I need to rename some of the star systems, at the time I didn't do too much research into what stars were actually in Earth's proximity, and I'm kicking myself over it now.

Iíve taken a look at some of the other great space maps on these forums and I got some ideas, but I figured some people here might be able to give me some criticism.

And for those interested, hereís a link to our collaborative wiki.