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    Default Seamless Tile filter for gimp

    I am working on some maps for a project. I am using high res photos to generate patterns for some stuff or just using the high res photos when I can. Well I've run into a problem with the seamless tile filter in gimp. The patterns are seamless but when I tile them I get distinct squares. I'm working with rather large images for patterns (around 1200 x 1200) but I am also making maps that are HUGE. 5' by 9' at 150 DPI. So 16200 x 9000. I had to order more ram my aging PC is not liking these files. The patterns work great because they are small and I can upload them to the printer company easier. I have a few that have worked out but the others are just not working out. Any ideas?

    Jonathan Bowen
    CorSec Engineer
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