Greetings Guild,

My real-life name is Anthony,.. surname, un-important, but I much prefere to be called Tony.

My forum name is one I have used for many a year now, notably in the many MMORPG's I have played. Basically, when I was born, my parents couldnt think of a name for me so my nan suggested Ignatious (as a first name),... Thankfully it wasnt accepted, but has made a great alias over the years.

I am an aspiring writer (nothing published), and am currently working on a large scale project. Tolkein once said (apparently) "If your going to write a complicated story, work to a map. Otherwise you wont make a map of it afterwards". I'm at that stage now in my story development where I need a map (or maps if I'm to be really honest) of my realm.

After numerous searches in various book stores and libraries for books on map creation and discovering nothing time for step 2 and the internet whereby I eventually came across this site/forum.

I look forward to sharing what I can as well as learning from you all.