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    I was testing out some new techniques last night and tonight to help me improve my Evensfell world map. This was a byproduct of the testing. The challenge here was avoiding the use of random generation, since I need to apply the work to a very specific continent.

    I'm not sure whether I'm excited about this or not. I didn't put much time into the rivers and have no backstory in mind for it. I like the islands in the northeast and I like the two open patches of land on the northwest and southeast of the mountain. It might look great with icons or land markers and cities. It might look better cut down to half or a third resolution. With a day or two spent on polishing it could be better but I still need to refine the technique to give the terrain more definition (a lot of the bump mapping is too blurry for my taste).

    Since I do this professionally and I'm sure I'll use it in one of our projects, I do have to put a caveat -- you're welcome to use this for personal use or tabletop campaigns but not for anything commercial. Please do not redistribute it on the net without contacting me first.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If I update this map at any point I'll let you guys know.
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