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  • geamon - Abbey of Saint-Margaret

    2 6.90%
  • Larb - Military Warehouse

    5 17.24%
  • Map Vandal - Helen and Dramot Bed and Breakfast

    2 6.90%
  • RecklessEnthusiasm - The Spire

    16 55.17%
  • Tilt - a ruin in the blight

    4 13.79%
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Thread: *** October/November Lite Challenge VOTING - Zooming In Further ***

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    Default *** October/November Lite Challenge VOTING - Zooming In Further ***

    The deadline is up on the lite challenge and it's time to vote!

    This month entrants were asked to map the interior of a building from a set of silhouettes. The silhouettes could be combined or adapted, as long as it's still clear that they ere derived from the given set.

    Here are the thumbnails for this month's lite challenge:

    We have 5 entries this month - and please make sure to click through to geamon's entry as it's in the format of a mulitlayerd pdf - so there's no thumb for it. Once you've browsed the entries, please vote for 1 entry, and remember to rep the person you vote for as well as any entries that you particularly like.

    The poll will end in 4 days.

    Note that the poll is not mutli-choice and I forgot to make the voters public. As this is a single choice vote this time round I'm going to leave it as is but sorry for not making the voting names public this time round.
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    I thought they were all really good so it was tough to choose, but I voted for the spire in the end because of the lightning and atmosphere. The little 3d image of it also helped me solidify in my mind how the building would look. I do dislike voting and "rating" people's work though, because it's rare that you can't find something great about what people make (especially here, too).

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    yah I went with the spire as well, though I think that with a little more mood TIlt would have been a close contender as well

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    Larb got my vote. I just love the aesthetic and colors, and the almost hand drawn look. Good work done by all, though!

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    A link to each would help. Just saying.

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    Sharpe: In the top post, you can click the giant text link "Oct/Nov Challenge Thumbs" and it will take you to all the thumbnails, which in turn link to the full sized images and their WIP threads.

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    I think you want the Thumbnails Sharpe. I agree though, it's a bit of a pain to have to have 2 frames open so you can jump back and forth to compare.

    I voted for Larb's entry because of it being totally game ready and I can use this in session right now.
    I really loved RE's and the atmosphere was totally awesome but I couldn't figure how what a throne would be doing all the way up the tower almost by itself. So, bottom line, only because I couldn't figure out how I might use it I went with Larb's. (I even went to the thread to see if there was a back story for it.)
    Tilt's was great looking as well but I think I would have liked a few more details within the building area itself.
    Map Vand - Another great entry, I liked the hand drawn look but that dark area on the lower floor threw me off and I couldn't figure out what it was.
    Gaemon's I almost missed because the thumb is all screwy (not sure what the issue is there). It seemed a bit spartan on the inside compared to some of the others although I loved the light coming in through the windows, that was great.

    Nice work everyone!
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    My vote goes to RE, love the lighting of the building and the moss between the tiles. Also the great "pillars/stones" on the outside. And once again I appologize from not being able to finish my map - I gotta win the lotteri so I can drop all that work stuff that takes up my time *lol*. Great work all
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    I couldn't decide between map vandals and reckless so I went with reckless cos he only has one silver compass award - it was that close for me. So it came as a surprise to me that MVs entry is far behind in the vote. This is where the one vote only makes for very dramatic results. So well done again to all and don't worry if your vote count is low - its not necessarily due to it not being good.

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    Larb gets my vote. I love how clean the floorplan is.

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