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    Post What ho! *Generally*

    Hi there, i see you're already familiar with a bit of my work, and so, well i've joined; now my reign of mapping tyranny can begin.

    If you've not seen it already, this is my page on deviantart: (check the scraps too) i also have some artwork at (look for 'bell-hartley')

    I have been known to obsess over a map for hours, i have some nice ww1 trench maps and OS maps. I tend to draw antiqued maps but i also do more modern ones. I am pretty good at military/turn based maps as well (in my scraps)

    I'm pretty keen for some commisions but i guess we all are!

    Hope that im a good addition to you, and thanks for inviting me!



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    You "hope" you'll be a good addition??? lol--I am so glad you're here. Welcome!

    Your Port Deviant maps are great. As I said in my other post about them, your use of color intrigues me: I would never dream of using such stark and seemingly clashing colors together, and yet you do and they work. You obviously have "the eye"!

    So glad you found us. Once again, welcome!
    My gallery is here
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    heh, thanks! As for colours, i just do what seems right, i've studied art to degree level so that might affect it, but i also love chance; for instance, the acid/lime green undergrowth on that map, thats actually a much darker colour, but i set it to 'overlay' which blends it with the underlying colours. The purpose of this was to poach some of the tonal topography without having to retone the plants.... if you catch my drift?

    Anyway, i like what i see here! Anyone into mountaineering/hiking???

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    Back in the day I did lots of mountaineering/hiking. I was a member of the Sierra Club and a high adventure Explorers post. Use to camp out in the snow and hike the Sierra's for days. Alas, age and real life responsibilities ended all that.

    Welcome to the Guild! You have some great stuff there. I will be interested in your techniques and tips that you can provide.
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    Welcome to the Group!
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    Welcome, Generalvyse! I'm enjoying browsing through your work. Very impressive.
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