This month's challenge will traipse into TWO new areas:

First, ever since the inception of our Guild Challenges we have yet to assign subterranean cartography. We'll change that this month by challenging you to create a cave map. Specifically a coastal cavern and tunnel/cave system. To make matters more interesting, these caves were once used as a pirate hideout, although these cutthroats have long since disappeared. Still, evidence of their stay awaits the intrepid adventurer. (Optionally, you may also have the cavern system re-inhabited by human, undead, or beastly denizens.)

The second new twist for our December challenge concerns the time allotted for map creation. You must, from start to finish, craft this map in under four hours. You may conceive, plan, and roughly lay out your map for as long as you like beforehand, but from the moment you begin putting actual pen to paper (or virtual pixel to screen) the act of cartography may last no more than four hours. (Trusting on the honor system here, of course!)


* The map should be a cavern and accompanying cave system located by a large body of water or a coastal river
* Evidence of now-vanished pirate use must be evident
* The map may be in any style: authentic (aka, "player handout"), antique, realistic, representational, etc.
* Provide a scale and at least basic labeling
* Era is at the creator's discretion (i.e., this may be medieval, a modern, Age of Exploration, sci-fi...)
* The map must be completed in less than four hours (not including planning time)

The following "bonus" considerations may be completed outside the time requirement, although remember that the actual cavern map entry alone will determine the winner:
* Bonus consideration for mapping the surrounding countryside/nation/continent/sea...
* The long-lost pirates' legend/story would also add to the enjoyment of the map!

Remember to adhere to the contest rules, plus create a thread for your entry (WIPs welcome), and if you have any questions please post them in this thread. Good luck!