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    hi guys! i'm not sure this is the right section (if not, feel free to move it).
    anyway, this will part of a project about a post-atomic map, which i want fully detailed. so, i started making details like bunkers, trying to be as accurate as possible. i made it all on my own: no already made textures and so on, and i must say i was very surprised when i saw what you can get with "poor" techniques!
    it's not finished yet, but i'm looking for c&c!
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    Nice tetures you've made is this a door to a bunker? if so, why are there hinges on all sides? One thing that stands out a little is that some parts look very realistic and some like a drawing, you might want to decide on a single style
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    I would second tilt's comments but a great job as well !!
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    I think those are brackets, not hinges.

    It looks like you're attempting to imitate the image Stephan Morrell's hard surface texturing demo?
    It's looking pretty good so far, although the relief on the brushed steel texture seems very deep.

    The texture on the brackets sometimes changes direction illogically. If each bracket is a single piece of metal, then the texture should match on each half. Also in the spots where a stripe crosses a rusty patch, the line should be broken up a bit, I think.
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    I'm new but I like it

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