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Thread: December Entry: Old School

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    Post December Entry: Old School

    I'm really looking forward to this one!

    My first challenge since joining, I'm going to try to dazzle you all. Of course, it will be black-and-white and in an "old-school" DnD style.

    With each post that I make, I will include the total time spent on the map--but it's going to be difficult to stay below the limit.

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    Looking forward to seeing some new participation!
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    HEY! You hit on the same idea as me. Except mine will be BLUE & WHITE instead of Black & White!
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    Map Wip #1

    So here is the initial draft of the first map. This is a large-scale overview of the area. It shows the peninsula in which the pirate cavern will be and on top of which sits a light house. It shows the surrounding slabs of rock that have broken off from the peninsula over time.

    I haven't yet done the contour lines on land--I estimate that the peninsula, at its highest point, will be approximately 125ft above mean water. It also shows the depth lines for the water surrounding the peninsula. My thought right now is that they will be in 5ft increments (0-5', 10', 15') set at mean water.

    (Mean water is a simplification of a concept used in nautical charting. I am using it to refer to the water depth at no tide (effectively right between high and low tides wrt depth). The tidal range in this area is about eleven feet, meaning that high tide is approximately 5.5ft higher than mean water while low tide is approximately 5.5ft lower.)

    It should be obvious where the pirate cavern will be located.

    Thoughts, criticisms, etc. are always welcomed!
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    Post Wip #1

    The elapsed time to the completion of WIP #1 was 44min 35sec. I am going to count this toward the 4 hours, because I will be copying directly from this image into other later maps.

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    Great, great work so far! This is such a neat beginning I can't wait to see more!
    My gallery is here
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    Post The Backstory...

    I'm attaching a bit of backstory for the challenge. Came up with it last night and typed it this morning.
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    Map Wip #2

    Attached is the overview map with contour lines added. Also changed the depth lines a bit and added the outline of the lighthouse structure.

    I'm now at 1hr 9min 30sec.
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    Map Wip #3

    Here is my latest update. This is a blown-up map of the area where the cavern will be and immediate surroundings. The scale here is 10ft per square. All cave maps will be in this scale. This also shows the depth shading that I will use for the water.

    To get to this point took much longer than expected--probably because I still haven't learned GIMP that well, and I'm jumping back and forth between GIMP and Paint as necessary to do what I need to.

    I'm at 2hr 38min. Starting to get nervous about the time limit. . .
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