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Thread: Profantasy On ATI Machines

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    Default Profantasy On ATI Machines

    Does anyone know how Profantasy wares run on ATI processors and video cards? I have had some experiences beofre where graphically oriented programs run poorly or not at all on ATI machines.

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    The last time I checked the ProFantasy software largely ignored the graphics card abilities except for very basic 2D operations. It should run about as well on a fancy $500 graphics card as it does on built-in chipset graphics (nv, ati, intel, or others)

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    I'm running the Profantasy programs on ATI graphics. As a proof of concept you can have a look at my Ankh-Bathor map. It's made on a computer with AMD processor and ATI 5850 card with 1GB of memory.
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    What programs did give you issues and what kinds of issues did you experience. I write a program that makes a large use of the graphics card capabilities and I have a graphics system checker program to verify that you have all the right drivers and stuff installed for it. If your interested in running that then you can get it completely free at:

    Its mainly designed to test whether my app would work on your machine so its a little more limited than a general checker but it might be a start. Normally, issues with the card + apps come down to the graphics driver. You should get the driver from AMD (ATI) instead of relying on one installed by windows by default. The default one is usually out of date and is one made and submitted to microsoft with the intention of having the greatest chance of not causing any issues with the desktop, normal programs, and anything no frills instead of one which will do more features and have greatest performance. Some apps (like mine) rely on these enhanced features and for that the manufacturers driver is almost always better. A properly written app which asks for those features should check that they exist before they request them however. Maybe some don't do that properly and fail as a result. Its also true, from first hand experience, that some drivers say they will support some features and then basically don't.

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