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Thread: November/December Entry: Beneath the Bed and Breakfast

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    Default November/December Entry: Beneath the Bed and Breakfast

    Helen and Dramot have a dark secret. More than 30 years ago, Helen gave birth to a set of twins, Delmin and Hellot. Delmin grew to be a strong young boy, well liked by the people of the Green Hart Forest; however, his brother Hellot was malformed. His head was mishapen and he was only three and a half feet tall. His left arm was only a few inches long and his right hand only had two fingers. Hellot was never allowed out of the house because of his deformities, but he and Delmin were still very close. Delmin would tell him stories of the outside world and tales of great deeds the two would do when they were grown and left home. Finally the day came when the two boys were to set off on their own. They packed up their belongings and Hellot left the house for the first time with his twin brother by his side. They didn't make it far. The townsfolk saw Hellot and in their ignorance and disgust formed an angry mob to rid the world of the "demon boy". They hung him at the gallows before any of the family could stop them. Delmin swore he would have revenge on the town. He took his brother's dead body home and began to study ways in which he and Hellot could be reunited. This led him to the dark arts, and Delmin found he was an apt student. After years of study in anatomy and dark magic, Delmin finally brought his brother's spirit back from the dead. The two live beneath their parents' Bed and Breakfast and have begun planning their revenge.

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    Poor little Hellot; go Delmin! Nice map, too
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    What a sad and macabre story. Well thought out and nice illustrations to go along with it!
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    Looking good so far...
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    great looking map and scary story
    regs tilt
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    Cool Cool Cool.....
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    Like everyone else said, really great story. The map has a nice vibe. I really like maps that give the impression of actually being drawn on paper without crazy textures getting in the way.

    One weird thing: I see a big, big-eyed face (the threes are the pupils, the big square rooms are the eyes, and the stairs make up the smile) in the middle of the map. Now that I've seen it, I can't unsee it...

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    That's Hellot looking at you, RE... (shudder)

    Great story, MV. Love the folded parchment texture and the illustrations. I really like the curly stair symbol as well. Can't wait to see more!

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