This is a map I've recently began making for a RPG campaign that I will GM pretty soon. This is just a part of the City of Charouse, those familiar with the pen-and-paper rgp 7th Sea might know that this is the capital city of Montaigne.
7th Sea is a rpg set in a world much like our own 1700th century. Swashbuckling adventure galore!

Me being lazy I actually started out with creating the road network using a map over present day Stockholm (Sweden). Click image for larger version. 

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I then created the houses and parks and such. Then I applied some modified, but mostly standard CD3 sheet effects.

The result so far is this:
Click image for larger version. 

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Next will I will try to create some more details and some street names for the larger ones and of course some "points of interests" on the map.