Hey there! So this is my first WIP post. I created this map for a novel that I'm writing. It is a small town, but one of the largest and most important in the rural region of Andan. It is tidy and friendly and rich in tradition (to get a sense of it, check out Chapter 2).

I created it using Photoshop CS5, with the buildings and trees created in Paintbrush. I definitely found Paintbrush wanting, but I haven't found the time yet to invest in tackling Illustrator's learning curve (and I may just be imagining how difficult it really is!). After creating the simple structures in Paintbrush I colored and shaded them in PS, and then used the 'paint daubs' filter to make them look less pixelated and goofy-looking.

My hope was to make the town look organic, with natural street patterns and house placements, but I eagerly await any feedback or critiques to make this map even better. I trust the pros.

Because it is part of a copyrighted novel (albeit a work-in-progress!) I ask that the map and place-names be used fairly! Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for taking a look! Find the larger version here.