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Thread: 30 maps in 3 days

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    Map 30 maps in 3 days

    sorry for external link (clickin will be worth it, I promise)

    these are maps of small areas (like 200mx200m) not of regions

    btw I updated my photoshop actions
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    So thats what actions do. What a time saver. I'm gonna have to look into how to do that. Thanks for sharing
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    I added some brushes in the zip file (trees and houses)

    sorry if many maps are PNG with cut parts, but they are used in a project
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    RPGplaneMapMaker updated to 1.1

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    RPGplaneMapMaker interior lava dungeon map (small version)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fierytemplesmall.jpg 
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    this was made using a photograph of an open origami I found on google like this one
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    it just updated to 1.2

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    We are at 2.3 release and it's getting better and better

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