Good day to all of you, I am Zack Zing. I come from Reddit after a member so graciously mentioned this place.

My first project is this one:

I got some solid advice there, specifically things like how to do rivers.

So I plan to take this and I want to make another map/history combo that starts off from the beginning of man inhabiting it. Something such as a man with family or a couple families end up on the coast and they come from a time equivalent to 10ka b.p. in technology.

A few details that I am not sure I can do entirely realistically — these people may have agriculture but would a few (say max 10 to 15 people, including children) have the resources to engage in that sort of thing? Would it be more likely for them to become hunter gatherers?

Eventually, presuming they survive (sort of the point) they will spread out. What is a realistic method for them to spread? Could they develop a sort of permanent village at first and then once the population got to a certain point could some leave and found another village a certain distance away?

I love the general style of this map: and curious how it was made. I have photoshop available to me (CS4), and illustrator.

I think I want to go for a sort of regional map to begin with, enough to have the people spread for a while.