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    Map RPG Epic Encounter Maps by The Red Epic

    Hey All,

    SO i have decided to put together a 8.5"x 11" book of map encounters that i will get published, and hopefully will sell well at the Next Gen con. There will be 24 full color encounter maps of different locations and settings, and i'm toying around with including a couple 1x1 inch gridded battlemaps as well, (double page spread to fit).

    The whole idea being that a DM could buy this book (im toying around with 20-25$ resale), and have a whole range of different nicely rendered encounter maps at their fingertips to draw inspiration and/or incorporate into his/her adventure that they are running. I have heard that the encounter maps i have done for Paizo and Wizards in this same style are enjoyed very much, so i thought this would be a useful tool to those DMs that want good maps and/or story seeds to use.

    I will be updating this as i finish them, so please leave ideas, comments, and suggestions, i would really appreciate it! Thanks!

    PRINTS FOR SALE: Get them while they are hot guys, Epic Cartography maps are on my FB Group page with prices and descriptions!

    SHOOT me an Email or PM for prints. They are all printed, cute, laminated, numbered and signed by me Maps go from 8$-15$ apiece + shipping. Let me know

    #7 The Iron Mountain
    The Dwarves in the high pass have suddenly ceased sending arms and supplies down the long and winding mountain road. Rumors abound that something has gone wrong, and the once prolific sounds of hammer and anvil have ceased drifting down into the valley below, replaced by an ominous silence. As the PC's approach, there are none there to greet them, and all seems quiet. Once inside, it has the sound and smell of a tomb rather than that of a once vibrant stronghold. What lurks in the deep shadowy halls?

    #6 Old Forest Road
    The Pc's march through the Old Forest, a once well traveled and friendly route that has long since fallen into disrepair. Highwaymen, creatures, and worse abound, and many a soul has been taken unawares in the wilds of the world. Travelers who dare the road do so heavily armed, and pass through as quickly and as quietly as possible.

    #5 The Mountain Pass
    The mountian passes are passable but dangerous. Highwaymen, beasts and the enemies to all free races linger there waiting to ambush and kill the unwary or unarmed. The PC's have made their way up into the mountains, but trees and rocks bar their path. A natural occurrence, or someones evil purpose? who knows what lies in wait for them upon the frigid paths of the roof of the world.

    #4: The Cliffside Fortress
    After the PC's have chased cultist through and cave and a mountain pass, they emerge onto a flattened cliffside, carefully hewn from the rock, before them stands a dilapidated fortress dwelling. What lies within is not certain, though it can be sure the PC's prey have sought refuge from their pursuers there. A last ditch effort to save themselves from justice?, or perhaps a trap for the hunted to turn the tables on their hunters...

    #3: The Sand Vault
    An underground tomb hidden at the back of a cave, what lies within?

    #2: The Ford:
    This map is for those who want to have an encounter at a defended ford, tell me your thoughts!

    #1: The Frozen Mansion:
    For this map i was thinking that some rich lord or wizard who dabbled to much in sorcery has unleashed something that has frozen his/her home. Its escaped and taken its revenge. Or it could be a haunted mansion somewhere int he mountains, or just somebodies home Figured i would put in some clues as to what happened, but leave it open for the DM.

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