I joined the guild because I'm interested in developing more mass combat, diplomatic and political scenarios for my table top games. The main problem I'm facing is adequate maps that have a level of detail that allow for politicking and diplomacy. I believe good maps allow players to make choices more "authentic" to the game's genre, especially ones that use tactical, economic, and political information.

I have a multi-media background but I'm not in the creative industry. I was trained to use 3ds Max, and since I'm not in the industry anymore, work on and off with Blender (very amateur).

I'm hoping to look for advice regarding ways make the process easier, faster and if possible more automated. I like to work with Open Source programs (budget problems) and have no problem learning new programs from scratch.

I like make my work available to be shared and pass the it forward.

Regards to all, I hope to learn a lot.