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Thread: Would someone please orb three maps for me? I haven't got the correct software.

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    Default Would someone please orb three maps for me? [Completed]

    Ok, here's the deal. I'm busy creating a world called Novusvita. It's for a sci-fi novel series of mine called The Peoples of Algol Trilogy.

    I've created a rough map of Novusvita by copy-pasting parts of old maps I made using Fractal Terrains and GIMP'ing them together. To see if the coastlines and such will work on a planet orb, I want to have three versions of the map orbed over a globe before continuing.

    This is the kinda result I'm looking for with each map:

    Here are the three versions of the map I'd like orbed. The one's the not-yet-complete topographic map, the second's the shape map and the other's the rough tectonic map.

    Topographic map:

    Shape Map:

    Tectonic Map:

    Please help me out, if you can. I mainly wanna see if the poles work.

    (Note: Please excuse the horrible sizing of the pics.)
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