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Thread: *** November/December Lite Challenge VOTING: What lies beneath ***

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    Default *** November/December Lite Challenge VOTING: What lies beneath ***

    This month the challenge was to map a subterranean location - any area underneath a town. We had some weird and wonderful creations. Please vote for 2 entries this month.

    Here's the thumbnails of this month's entries:

    After voting, please Rep those entries that you voted for, and any other entries that you particularly liked.

    After a previous comment - the poll entries are now hyperlinked to the thread with the map in them. Please make sure you scroll to the end of the thread to see the most recent map i each case.

    This poll will end on the 24th in 4 days time.
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    Beautiful map RecklessEnthuasiasm. I am hoping you get that third silver compass.

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    Map Vandal - thanks a lot, my friend! I worked hard on it, and I think I've uncovered a great deal of tricks that I will use in the future. I have found myself really attracted to isometric maps lately, and they are so easy to create in Sketchup. It is a pretty neat tool. Good luck on your third silver compass as well!

    Here is my C&C for the maps this month:

    DEDDSO - Your map definitely has an air of artistry to it! The effects and textures are really something. It definitely gives a strong sense of 'heat' which is exactly what stone platforms suspended over lava should do! My only criticism is that it seems like a small portion of a map rather than a whole map--without bounding walls or a distinct form, I think I'd have trouble using it to navigate/play on.

    Map Vandal - Like everyone else mentioned in your thread, the story that went along with your image really drew me into it. I love a hand-drawn impression in maps, and this one does it well. The minimalist strokes on the walls are both clean and evocative. I also really like the background texture. It does feel a bit empty, however--I would liked to have seen the brothers' furnishings, the tables covered in papers, mystical runes for dark rituals etched onto the floors, etc. There's just a bit too much empty space inside the building and between the art around the border. The creepy anatomy drawings are really great though, perfect for the vibe of the map.

    Geamon - Yours is my favorite map this week, and the one that will get my vote. Just recently I've started seeing a lot more of these vertical maps (a couple by Torstan and a castle from last month's main challenge which I think was done by djekspek), and I am liking them a lot. While they wouldn't be usable for, say, a game of D&D, they are exactly the kind of supplemental, informative splash images that should accompany the overhead encounter maps in a module's book. The texture, graininess, and yellow lighting effects all work perfectly together. It sets the mood well, and I find myself really interested and wanting to see the overhead perspective in order to find out what's behind all those doors--a good sign! I'll admit I was kind of partial to Rav's jokingly-added silhouettes of the ladies.

    Jtougas - Another nice map here. I believe I mentioned in the WIP forum that I really liked the layout. It does seem like the dundjinni art is doing all the heavy lifting here though, and I would like to have seen a little more work on the walls, floors, and lighting. The walls are just a little too 'flat.' I'd suggest doing a drop shadow beneath them to get a little more vertical 'pop' to them next time. Other than that, though, I really like the vivid colors and the fact that the house feels really full and complete. Whenever I work on buildings I always find myself thinking "man, this place looks too empty' or asking myself 'what the heck should I put in here so the place doesn't look so bare?" Your map, on the other hand, feels full, warm, cozy, and lived-in. Props to you!

    Tilt - I am sad you didn't get the opportunity to finish your map! I always love seeing your work, and I don't think I've seen a traditional 'dungeon' from you yet--I'd love to see what you come up with if you go back and finish this bad boy. You definitely have a solid foundation going!

    Great entries this month! Well done everyone.

    *EDIT* - Darn it, I didn't see that I was meant to vote for two.
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    Wow Reckless - simply amazing. I LOVE your entry. You've become a sketchup master in just a month!

    Nice work on all the entries, Geamon got my second vote.

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    Thanks RE I hope I can continue to get better at this sort of thing as there are about 1000 buildings in Riverhewn that will eventually need detailing Your entry is amazing and got my vote. Geamon your is also and got my second vote. Good job everyone !!
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    Nice entries, I wish I could have entered this one but I just had too much on my plate this month.

    While I enjoyed all the maps in the end I was down to 3.

    RE - This was great right from the start. Way to come out strong and scare everyone away, LOL. While I didn't want to vote for you because it will mean you are out of the Lite challenge arena if you win, which means I will miss you here, I just had to. The only thing that looks funny to me is in the inset overhead map I think the entry room and stairs are going the wrong direction.

    Geamon - I liked this map because it is different from what you would typically expect and is filled with atmosphere. I think it is very well done and it gets my vote.

    MapVandal - Yours was my other choice but I could only vote twice. Your story was hands down the best in the show and reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe. Your map was well done and very usable but it didn't tell the story as well as your narration did. The illustrations were superb as others have mentioned.

    Deddeso - An interesting looking map. I hope you enter more as I always like the unusual.
    Jtougas - Well put together and loaded with stuff. A bit repetitive on the shelves. Might mix that up a bit next time. I have been drawing all my own items which I know takes a lot of time so you might want to start building up a library of your own items for use next time. Eventually, you will be able to provide all your own fill material. This would be perfect for a quick adventure scene.
    Tilt - What to say? Hope you have more time next round to finish.

    Thanks again everyone for helping to keep this a going community by all your efforts in the competition. Those who have ever entered one of these know the effort and time it takes and I for one just want to express my appreciation.
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    RE got my first vote. Absolutely amazing entry. Time for you to play with the big guys
    Second I voted for geamon, which entry I also like very much.

    Good work from all!

    Sorry, RE. Can't rep you yet.
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    Thanks for the vote and the rep guys! I voted for RE and Vandal.

    RE - Dude with you winning this month maybe I can finally get my chance at a Silver Compass!!! Awesome map, love ISO views. Only nit pick in my opinion less opaque sketch lines and clearer entry stairs. But side from that this is AWESOMESAUCE!

    Vandal - Love the story and ambiance but same as others a little empty.

    Great job everyone!
    Cheers, Julien

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    I chose MV and RE. G-mon just missed out, it's very nice to look at but doesn't convey any info of the floorplan - it's just a sideview. I like the style very much, though, so don't abandon that overall look...just make it iso or top-down like RE and MV did. JT's was cool and all but I'm just unqualified to judge that's probably great for the modern DM but I haven't been a DM for a very very long time. Ded's looks more like abstract art, and again, I'm not the best judge of that sort of thing. I'd rep you guys but I still can't rep in locked threads.
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    "I LOOOOOOOST!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" (falls in Fiery Temples' Lava pit.....). Yep, the borders of the map are bad, initially I thought "it's the haze from the lava". Well, I'll do something better in next challenges! yay!!!

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