I find myself looking at a bunch of really nice ISO dungeon maps and figured that its about time I try my hand at one. Coincidentally I also find myself starting a whole bunch of small projects... which I am sure I will get around to finishing *shifty eyes*...right. Anyone else have that problem every now and again?

Anyway... Here is just a small start. I wanted to do more, but I am running out of space on my sheet of graph paper. Being that I am not at home and this is the only sheet I have on me I can't continue To be honest I don't really have and idea of where I am taking this or what its going to look like, I just started drawing a cube and went from there.

I plan to do a couple more floors on separate pages and then bring them all into Photoshop to texture them, spiffy them up and all that jazz. But anyway here is what I have so far. The perspective thing is hurting my eyes... I knew I should have cheated and just used 3DS Max... haha. Maybe a project for another day.

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