Hi guys,
I'm getting started on several commissioned maps for BlackStar Studios:
BlackStar Studios – (Facebook: BlackStar Studios and Twitter: @BlackStarGames)

Three of these are battle maps and, as I'm working on them, I'll post my progress to this thread for feedback...and simply to come out of my cave once in a while. I'm going to attempt to do these in a textured, semi-realistic style. FYI, the two others maps are a city map and a regional map.

There's too much back story to post but these works will center around a human city (Greco-Roman influence) built on the ruins of a city from a much older Elven culture. The predominant terrain is jungle and, yes, there are dinosaurs.

Here are the basics of the three maps (I'll post more specifics when I get to them):
1) A ruined bridge (Elven design) over a river, where the PCs are ambushed by velociraptors.
2) A portion of a ruined city where the PCs rescue someone from an attack.
3) The home of a crime lord.

First up is the river crossing.