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    Default A map for a game...

    At the beginning i wish to apologize to about my english... I have a low skill in this language and I apologize you second time ;].
    Ok, now i'll say something about my request.
    I'm doing a little project and I need a map of my Utopia. I please you to do for me this map. But not from beginning. I have some materials, which I want you to take pattern of these materials. Why can't I do a map alone? Because i have not skills in drawing/photoshop. You can do it as you want, but i wish that you draw/do in PS mountains and forest as I show in my "map".
    What resolution i need? As big as it's possible.
    Ok that's everything(I think...). And apologize you again about my english...
    If anybody will to a map for me I'll eternally grateful.


    //Here's my "map"

    if anybody wants to do this map, I can send him a high res. contours of this map
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