The titel sounds more complex than it is.

Basically, I wanted a world map for a world of mine. I then made a much of world maps in Fractal Terrains (10) and tried to decide which to use as the map. I couldn't. None of the maps were satisfying and each had something I wanted in the world. So I basicaly copied the wanted bits out of each map and pasted them together to form the map below:

I loved the outcome of the map and decided to use it. Here's a black and white map to clearly show the coastlines:

Of course, I can't use the map as it is - the fact that it's been copy-pasted together is faaaaaar waaaaaay too obvious. I need to fix that.

I've tried copy-pasting bits of other FT maps and fading them over the copy-paste lines to hide them, but this doesn't work everywhere due to colour differences in the altitudes.

So, does anyone know any good ways for me to fix this?