This post is more to show an idea brewing in my head recently. I know many people inquire about a tutorial on how to make encounter maps. From my understanding is that many of the lurker members would be interested in it as well. Basically I propose to assemble a one stop shop tutorial for encounter styled maps. I'm alright with doing most of the heavy lifting and writing, but in the end I want it to be a collaborative work where people who have strengths with certain elements have their input. I am also aware that most of learning to make encounter maps is simply learning the tools available in the software and a lot of points are covered in other tutorials. But I'm looking to cover the process from start to finish always keeping in mind and application these tools have for encounter maps. I'm currently in the logistics stage and am trying to write an outline of points and topics to cover in the tutorial. So I'm throwing it out here to see what you guys think of where I'm headed and if you have suggestions.

1) Organizing the Concept and Plotting Your Design
- General Dungeon Design and Layout
- Picking Resolution and Size of Image
- Introduction to Various Selection Tools
- Selection Modification and Manipulation
- Create Rough Draft Using Gray Scale Colors
- Introduction to Grid and Manipulation
- Introduction to Layers and Masking to Assist in Design
- Introduction to Transparency and Opacity
2) Choosing Textures and Color Scheme
- Creating Pallets and Texture Libraries
- Applying Textures to Gray Scale
- Adding and Changing Color Scheme of Textures
3) Manipulating and Editing Textures
- Introduction to Layer Modes
- Using the Various Tools With Layer Modes
- Using Layer Masking and Transparency to Incorporate Textures
4) Adding Perspective Shadows and Lighting
5) Adding Objects and Elements
6) Miscellaneous Touch-ups and Changes to Make a Better Encounter Map

I realize the outline is half complete, I will be coming back to this first post and editing it as I add more to it. Also please don't move the thread to the tutorials section I don't want to add anything there until the project is under way and and I have something to post.

PS: I'm looking to make it useful for both people using GIMP and PS.