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Thread: DeNora Manor

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    Wip DeNora Manor

    This is a two story wizard's manor. This is my first attempt at a printable map, so feedback is welcome. The furniture was taken from various places online and simply put where I wanted. I did the actual floorplan myself.
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    You are on the right track meek, I think you simply need to put more depth to your texture library and use less saturated colors and this would turn out even better. You can also clean up the lines used to draw the walls some parts aren't straight and bits are sticking out. Within GIMP you can use the grid functions to allow your pencil/ink/paint/etc tool to snap to the corners of the grid and using the shift key can draw straight lines from one point to another. Only other suggestion is to do something with the white background and add work on the labeling and this map will look that much better
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    Looks pretty good I would echo geamon about the walls. I use the rectangle tool to start and once I find a width that I like I copy and paste sections of it to make my walls. (maybe a bit tedious and layer heavy but it ensures all my walls are the same width and I can merge all the layers down after the walls are up) I personally like your colors there becoming your "style", and IMO for these types of map the better you can see things well..the better
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