Hi there everybody.

My name is Paolo, I'm 33, I'm from the north of Italy and I stumbled in this site while searching for a way to get a fantasy map laid down for an home-brew RPG campaign setting.
I'm the sort of guy that has strong visions but no clear ideas (but much more I don't have much time for timekillers, since I'm freelancing all day) and I was in search for resources on how to spring an initial "fractal world map" to let my fantasy run back and forth in search for the right inspiration.

After a look at some of your works I realised that the best choice could be to ask for some collaboration (or paid service, if this applies here) in this, since my hopes to become a skilled map-maker collide with my very lack of time: time that I should better use to think about my fantasy setting so that my players could enjoy it in our weekly sessions.

In the meantime I'll try to learn as much as possible from you masters. I'm not completely unaware when it comes to graphics, since I made a living out of web design since some year ago (I'm now a web developer, not touching graphics anymore) but still I saw real masterpieces here!
Maybe I could give something back at some extent... we'll see.

Many thanks to all.