I joined yesterday and have been lurking today. I've been designing maps [world maps, regional, dungeon and city] since the mid-70s when I first got into D&D. Mostly pencil and paper because I find I can really get what I want down.

I've been using various programs over the past two years, slowly converting my pencil and paper campaign map into a more vivid map. I've also designed one dungeon and a few settlements for my current campaign. I'm sure I'll find a wealth of information here. My biggest bugaboo is getting elevations into my towns/cities as well as outdoor battle maps.

I'm sure I'll figure this out with all of the tutorials here. For my smaller settlements and towns, I've managed to slowly put them together using Fractal Mapper. I also have a novice's experience with Gimp, using that program to design new roofs. However, as my adventurers move onward, they're looking for larger towns and cities. I could painstakingly put cities together over many maps, but I'm intrigued by some of the maps here done by CD3.

I suppose my initial question is, should I buy that software? I'd have to get CC3 also, which isn't too much of a problem.

I also have Dundjinni. Anyone use that or is it too limited?