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Thread: Mystic Empyrean: Mapmaking Project

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    Help Mystic Empyrean: Mapmaking Project

    Hello Cartographers!

    Level 99 Games is currently working on the release of our first game, Mystic Empyrean, which you can check out here: We're publishing a free preview of the game on DriveThruRPG in February, and would like to include a few maps of the location where the preview adventure takes place: the great city of Nitar. The city is a spire built in several different strata, with an ancient ruin resting beneath its foundations. Nitar uses early steam technology, and has a varied political and social climate that differs with each strata.

    The main commission is for a side-view cutaway of the city, showing the different strata with a few representative buildings, as well as some of the dungeon beneath it, plus a few of the major layers as slices from an overhead view. The mapmaker will have a large degree of liberty to design and flesh out the layers themselves, within a few loose guidelines. These maps would not need grids, though a scale would be handy for player reference.

    This project does not have a huge budget, but the mapmaker who takes it would receive preference for working on the upcoming Mystic Empyrean corebook and other Level 99 Games projects in the future.

    I look forward to hearing your ideas and bids for the project!
    - Brad Talton
    Level 99 Games

    Payment: Our budget is in the $50~$100 range, and a good portfolio is more important than a low price (but a combination of both is obviously best ) I can pay via check or paypal, and am pretty flexible about installments and pay methods.
    Contact: Contact me via Cartographer's guild PM or to request more information or make a bid.
    Time Constraints: First draft by January 15th. Completed by January 25th, including all revisions
    Style: Cutaway ( in a Fantasy/Steamtech style
    Description: Above
    Quality: Professional, publishable quality and fine detail are a must. The cutaway map should be a raster image at 600 dpi that fills an entire 8.5x11 page.
    Copyright: Standard - I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain. The artist will be credited wherever the map is used.
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    FYI, the style link is "404 - Not Found".
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    Thanks to those who responded so far! The commission has been taken up by Devin Night.

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    The WIP for this project can be found here:

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