I guess not. Hello everyone!

I just thought I'd better introduce myself as (a) I just found this site and (b) it's unlikely that anyone else would introduce me! I've already found maps on this site to rival the most professional that I've ever seen so I can see I'm in for a steep learning curve.

I've just bought CC3 and the addons, years after purchasing CC2 Pro etc and using them for a short while before realising that I didn't really know what I wanted to get out of it. I've now decided to try to create my own little world and populate it with maps and the like, so I'll be looking for inspiration all over the place starting very shortly. Oddly, I don't play in any RPG groups and haven't done since I was about 16, though this hasn't stopped me enjoying the source books. As a result, I'll be creating my world independent of any game rules with the hope that people will be able to interpret my directions and adapt them to fit their own game rules. I'm a little worried as to whether it'll work or not, but let's see if anyone actually comes and views my site eh? I guess to do that I'm going to need to get a site first, and that could take a while as I won't be buying it until I've got enough source material to put up there.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. I hope to see you around soon.