Well this is only like the fourth time or so I've reworked this map, hah.

Anyhoo, Kelunia is a small continent near the equator of its world, rather hot and somewhat deserty, especially in the eastern bit, much of which is not shown here, since the important part is the western piece, which is the top in this map. The forested country on the right side is actually the northernmost country on the map. The mountains near the top are far west, and cold of course, due to being... well... mountains. The map is oriented this way because I wanted to emphasize the flow of the Naida river, which is sort of like the Nile in its importance here. Any and all features of terrain and such may or may not be technically correct beyond looking good and sounding relatively plausible. Any corrections are welcome.

Trying to figure out how to do the towns here; I'm looking for alternatives to the usual dot markers, mostly because I don't think I really pull them off well. Still thinking about it though; any ideas would be much appreciated. I'm also wondering about how to show that bits of the map are deserty or graslandy or what-have-you without resorting to color. (Eventually, I'm sure labels will be helpful, but that's for after I get all the features down correctly, hehehe.)

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I'm finally making a new brush set; I think this one is looking quite nice so far. I've finally figured out some mountains that I'm happy with. Once I feel like the set is finished, I'll put it up here and on deviantART as a resource, since my other one has done so well.

Thanks so much~