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Thread: Board game project - need help for main map

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    Default Board game project - need help for main map

    Hi people,
    The best way to get help, is asking so,

    Im a Boardgame designer wannabe, and this is my first project.
    My Board Game Project is called "Bounty Hunter" and basically its a game where each player have a group of thieves and they are trying to overcome the other are players to be the most honour and reputated of the reign. The theme is medieval without fantasy (elfs, orcs and tolkien stuff, which i like!!)

    ok sounds simple...

    what do i need, if someone can help me:

    - Map with simple landscaping, with cities and villages.

    I'll be using translucid PVC with towers that matches the cities and villages (like a layer), each pvc square measures 12x12cm, and they will create a grid of 4x4squares, with a total of 48x48cm, so i think a map with 60x60cm is enough, where the pvc can fit in the middle.

    Each pvc will have towers in the 4 corners, so they have to match the location of the cities and villages.

    if someone could help me, please reply!
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