*roaming the halls* "Now I know I left it here somewhere..*wipes a bit of drool* "Where is is?.."

What am I looking for you ask? Well my self esteem of course.. Now this isn't a rant and it isn't a slam against feedback but I thought I should maybe post this as a way to help other people afflicted with terminal "It isn't good enough" syndrome. I have lately been really killing myself to make the "perfect" map meaning perfect in the sense that it's somewhat on par with the great work posted here. I have a bit of a "eager to please" personality although I'm not sure when that happened. Lets face it everyone likes to hear nice things about their stuff. I guess sometimes if your anything like me you try so hard to get people to say nice things about your stuff that you lose sight of why you do this in the first place. For me it's all about the story.I usually get a story in my head and then need to make a map to go with it. Sometimes it's the other way around but not usually. I have a fairly vivid imagination and struggle with trying to make what I see in my head a reality. I love mapping I really do. But I love coming up with story ideas even more. The maps to me are just part of that process, and usually I'm looking for a certain "feel" with each one that I do that goes along with whatever little snippet that I'm writing. This is how Shendenflar was born. Now I'll freely admit I'm no great shakes as a cartographer but I DO try and I think I've come leaps and bounds since I first joined up here. What I am trying to get at is that it's OK to like your stuff. Take all the feedback and use it and make yourself better. There are so many helpful people here that it's hard NOT to get better. BUT at the end of the day when you look at your screen or your canvas like what you did. I'm learning that now. Thanks everyone !!