So I've been contacted by the publisher at Dreamscarred Press to do a world map for their Third Dawn campaign setting, that can be split into 3 parts and used separately, or as one large piece, plus a few encounter scale maps down the road over the next few months. They also want to offer their map from my Gamer Printshop store and do some cross promotion (no doubt I'll link this with my soon to be opened Free RPG Maps site as well.)

And here I am in the middle of development of Kaidan for a Feb - March release. As always my hands are full.

Its always nice to get an unsolicited commission request from an up-in-coming RPG publisher. Dreamscarred Press just released a Psionics Unleashed hardcover for Pathfinder and they are getting some publicity right now.

I'll post the final map with their permission when I'm done with it.