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    Default January 2011 Challenge - Escape the Estate

    I hope it's not too late top jump into this month's comp and I hope this idea counts. With my other mapping attempts on near permanent standstill I thought I'd give this comp a try. This idea came from reading those old picture puzzle/adventure books back in school, you know the ones where you had to guide your protagonists through a maze and things like that. Since the guidelines said any scale so long as it had obstacles and a path leading from Point A to B I thought I'd try and create one of those mazes myself. First some brief back story. Our young "hero" and his friend were visiting the estate of a local cranky miser, the hero wanted to see his girlfriend, a serving girl for the miser, and the friend wanted to get into the wine cellar. That night unfortunately the estate workers started a riot, being tired of their low wages and bullying boss and furious at finding out that the miser was going to emply his son, Manfriedo the Wizard, to create a workforce of golems to replace the estate workers. Now the hero and his girlfriend must get back to his friend down by the lake and escape the estate in a rowboat. To get there they must navigate through the dark maze of hedgerows and walls while dodging the rioters and angry golems. I also wanted to include the "points of light" but with a catch, in this maze you would want to avoid the lights as they either denote the locations of the rioters or a place where the golems can find you.

    The style for this map was inspired by Larb's Gensokyo map. Please note that the below sketch is VERY rought, I quickly scribbled it out on paper during a lull at work. I plan to add a hell of a lot more details, as well as a more paths and many more baddies. I don't expect to be doing much over the next few days so I should have a much better sketch up maybe by tommorow. I know the sketch of the hero and his girlfriend are terrible zoomed in but when you look at it on a a4 page I thought it looked kind of cute, but that's just me.


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