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Thread: Open Design launches world building patronage project

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    Default Open Design launches world building patronage project

    Wolfgang Baur, along with Jef Grubb and Brandon Hodge, is launching a patronage project to build a world. Rather than detailing specific regions, or writing adventures, as with previous patronage projects, this time they will be writing the book on Midgard, the world that hosts the free city of Zobeck.

    I've been working on Zobeck related maps and materials for some time now and I can guarantee the quality of the writing will be top notch (and if I'm on the maps again I'll certainly be doing my best!) If you're interested in getting involved in world building with some of the best in the busines this is an excellent opportunity. Click here to find out more.

    And check out the teaser video! It's got a glimpse in there of a map I finished over a year ago that I haven't been able to show. You'll see it if you sign up.
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