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    Note: The search is now closed. Many thanks to Cartographers' Guild for this wonderful site and the great opportunity to connect with an artist.


    I’m the author of a forthcoming novel taking place on a fictional island and would like to commission a map. If all goes well, I anticipate commissioning additional maps that focus on different regions and time periods. I relish creative collaboration and would love to work with a cartographer who brings his or her own vision to the project.

    Style: This is a realistic literary novel set in the present day. For this initial map, I’d like something that looks very contemporary, with a focus on depicting political boundaries and basic geographical features. Future maps will provide different perspectives — for instance providing detailed typography or showing antique cartography from the island’s history.

    Example: Here are two maps that resemble (roughly) what I have in mind.

    Quality & Size: The map will be displayed on a website and included in printed and e-book editions of the book. Ideally, it will be prepared in color but will also render well in black-and-white. It should meet minimum resolution standards for full-color printing. I hope to work out the technical details in consultation with the artist.

    Timeframe: My goal is to have a completed map by the first week in March.

    Work Process: I will provide a guide that details the island’s geography and an online workspace for managing documents. I’m happy to defer to the artist’s work preferences but expect that a combination of email and phone/Skype contact will help us proceed efficiently.

    Payment: I will pay for the work in installments using PayPal or another mutually agreed upon format. Please contact me at the email address below to discuss terms.

    Copyright: I will own all copyright. However, the creator of the map will receive prominent credit on the website and in all published editions where the map appears. In addition, the artist will have the right to display the map in a portfolio.

    Contact: My name is Chris. Please contact me at foldedstory[xx] (replacing [xx] with @).
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