When last you heard from me, I was quitting "everything" to pursue a writing career. Bad news is, that pursuit is torturous and (so far) of negligible gain, except that I will mention that my writers group has self-pubbed our first anthology, I Dreamed A Crooked Dream, which includes a modern-day scifi story by me, and I also did the prologue/epilogue.

Our next anthology will be Woadsbury, which some of you might remember that I began to map a while back. In fact, I stuck it into a monthly challenge; to my surprise, honor, and gratitude, you actually voted it as the winner, though it was (still is) unfinished.

So, good news is -- or, I assume it's somewhat good news, given the focus of this guild -- I now find myself once again doing some graphic work for Woadsbury. Yes, I will finally finish that map ... er, ahem, I hope to, anyway. And I am also doing a graphic timeline, which is not only a lineage of the Woadsbury noble family but also a storymap of sorts, depicting events and relationships across approx. 3,000 years.

I know that infographics are not what some of you guys call "maps," but I call them maps, of a sort. Notice I just used the word "storymap." Well, I know what to do with map wips! ... POST THEM ON CARTOGRAPHERS GUILD!

Here's where I am so far: that barest beginning, really, just developing a visual style, and later I'll fill in all the data, from about 350 A.D. all the way out past the 26th century, or to wherever "The Witch" decides to destroy Earth. Oops, is that a spoiler?

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